Residential Generators

Backup Power for Your Home with Reliable Generators

We understand the importance of having reliable backup power for your home. That's why we offer a range of residential generator solutions, including Generac generators, to keep your home powered and protected during power outages. Our experienced and certified technicians will work with you to determine the best generator size and placement for your specific needs, ensuring that your home is prepared for any emergency.

Additionally, we offer customized solutions, high-quality products, and comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure that your residential generator is always in top condition and ready to perform when you need it.

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Residential Generators

Never be without power again – browse our selection of reliable residential generators from top manufacturers, including Generac, and find the perfect solution for your home backup power needs.

7163 (EcoGen)

Non pre-packaged models*
Rated Power (LPG/NG): 15 / 15 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 62.5 / 62.5

7040 (Synergy)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 20 / 18 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 83.3 / 75

7043 (Guardian Series)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 22 / 19.5 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 91.6 / 781.25

7039 (Guardian Series)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 20 / 18 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 83.3 / 75

7036 (Guardian Series)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 16 / 16 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 66.6 / 66.6

7032 (Guardian Series)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 11 / 10 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 45.8 / 41.7

7030 (Guardian Series)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 9 / 8 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 33.3 / 29.2

6998 / 6999 (PowerPact)

Rated Power (LPG/NG): 7.5 / 6 kW
Voltage (Single Phase): 240V
Amps @ 240V (LPG/NG): 31.25 / 25.0

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Choose Reliable Generators for our tailored generator solutions, extensive expertise, and customer-focused approach that sets us apart from the rest.

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Our team of experienced and certified technicians have the expertise to provide top-quality generator services that meet your unique needs.​

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We take a personalized approach to every project and offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific residential or commercial needs.

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We partner with top manufacturers to offer high-quality, reliable generator products that are built to last.​

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We offer competitive pricing for all of our generator services and products, ensuring that you receive high-quality solutions at a fair and reasonable cost.